Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's Been Awhile.......

Hello guys & dolls!  It has been a hot minute since I have posted anything!  If I am honest with you I was just so very discouraged and in a funk because I felt like I didn't ever have anything good to post or any great success stories. 
So, needless to say a lot has happened for me personally at least since then.  I have started taking better care of myself and I have decided that it is ok to have a little me time.  I started about a month ago walking. We have a bridge that goes from the mainland to the ocean and a lot of people run or walk it the view is awesome.  (I will take pictures today and post tomorrow).  I started out just walking everyday and sweating balls cause this is Florida yall and it is H-O-T!! So I was all proud of myself for walking (which I shoudl be) but then guess what happened an 80 year old women passed me twice running back and forth on the bridge I was aw helz no I am not letting this woman kick my ass and be better than me so I started to RUN! That is right you heard me I RAN! Something I can tell you I always told people I could NEVER EVER DO!! Guess what happened I decided that I LOVE IT!!! In the last month I have worked myself up to running a whole 2.5 miles with out stopping or walking!!Now by no means does this make me a marathon runner but I can tell you it makes me damn proud! 
I actually get super excited about it everyday I think how much farther can I go? How much faster can I go?  I spend my nights on pinterest(who doesn't?) looking at workout clothes, running shoes, GPS watches and motivational quotes.  This is the first thing I have done in my life in a very long time that I have felt proud and what is really weird is like I want to tell EVERYONE!!! It is the weirdest thing. 
I will say on the weighloss front I have lost a few pounds I am down to 179 which is awesome for me because I was up to like 190 when I actually got off my ass and started doing something about it.  I will tell you I feel better and maybe even a little leaner. I can tell it in my clothes and honestly the most important place I can tell it is in my attitude I have improved so much in that area. 
So I am off to the bridge to kick ass and take names running style!!!

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