Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend & Stuff

Hey all! Long time no blog! I know I have been a big fat blogging slacker lately and to tell you the truth I have really missed all of you.  I have tried to read and keep up with everyone but life has just really gotten in the way lately and frankly I have been feeling kinda down.  I know no one likes a Debbie Downer so I will try to not make this a whining, crying wah, wah wah post!
So anyways the last few weeks we have been slowly but surely moving in and unpacking in our new house.  I am happy with it and the girls all love having their own space. I have just been feeling overwhelmed. Kinda like spinning my wheels and getting NO WHERE!!! So anyways I finally feel like this weekend I made some headway.  I am noticing fewer and fewer boxes which is making everything seem a little better.
We had a pretty relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  On Friday night my oldest daughter and I we hung out and watched movies and had pizza and went to bed early which was AWESOME! Saturday we basically didn't do a whole lot I spent a lot of the day in the yard with Zoe swimming and playing in the sand box and swinging which was fun but man it was like 95 degrees and I was sweating some balls I will tell ya!  Sunday we decided we would put our game room together (pool table, darts all our game systems) etc and just chill out and play with with kids.  They enjoyed it and we did too but my husband is kinda a sore loser sometimes so we had to tell him he couldn't play anymore LOL. Monday we decided to get up early and take the kids bowling. Something we do every week as adults and Melayna does this every Saturday but Zoe never has and she has been BEGGING me please MOMMY LET ME BOWL! So we decided to let her and she had a blast.  She was killing me she was like the guys in those world's strongest man contest lifting that ball and pushing it!  We really enjoyed ourselves then headed home for lunch and an afternoon catching up on all our DVR'd shows (Duck Dynasty, Deadliest Catch, Swamp People Yeah we are redneck ya'll)! What do you all do?

So now it is Tuesday (which is like Monday) and things are pretty quiet at work I have been fairly busy on and off trying to get things done. On a good note I do have a short week being that I am off on Friday.  Melayna has the state bowling tournament on Friday, Saturday & Sunday so we are leaving Friday morning and heading over to Lakeland, FL to watch her bowl in the tournament. I am hoping to get a little pool time and maybe some shopping in. Who doesn't love spending the green?
So on the diet and exercise front I have been and even bigger slacker than with the blogging. I guess some where over the last few weeks I decided to be lazy and not care.  Then I looked in the mirror last night and got extremely disgusted with myself. So today I started back on the exercise and diet again. I have been counting calories and have been researching new and different workouts to do at home.   
This is what I am doing this week.....
15 minutes Treadmill (jog/walk)
Complete each exercise for 60 seconds before resting for 30 Seconds
Jump Rope
Jump Rope
Jumping Jacks
Jump Rope
High Knees
Jump Rope
Mountain Climbers
Jump Rope
One Legged Hop (Switch legs after 30 Sec)
Jump Rope
Ski Jumps
Jump Rope
Jump Rope
Complete the Circuit 2x
Ok so this is kicking my ass but it feels good and sweaty when I am done and I feel like I have actually accomplished something. 
Been looking for ways for a while to mix things up a bit and I think this will do the trick. 
Been looking for ways to grow my blog following any suggestions?
Who remembers Pinky & The Brain?!?! Love it!
Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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