Friday, May 17, 2013

Landlord MMA Fight & Back online

Hey all my blogger followers and lerkers!  So I have been off the grid for a while.  I have been in the process of moving and have also been having just some real blahness(Is that a word?) lately.  First of all moving suxs even if you are moving somewhere that you absolutely love.  The packing and unpacking is exhausting.  I would love to say that things went smoothly but they didn't. The house we moved out of (we rent) we have some issues that we had to repair (we were aware we had to do this) the problem with this was we moved out on a Saturday and had made plans to go back in on Sunday and clean.  The problem with this was the landlord showed up on Sunday to paint and we weren't finished cleaning. Now ok I am not a dirty person but who all on here cleans behind and under their beds and their fridge and stove. Ok lets be real I don't and the guy freaked out and needless to say my husband did too.  I thought it was going to be an MMA fight there in the driveway.  So after everyone calmed down things were fine it just really got my last nerve up and made me in a bad mood and on edge for like a fricken week or more. 
So anywho on the diet and nutrition front what the frick is that??? I have done not one thing healthy or exercise wise since the first week in May and do I feel bad about it absolutely freakin NOT!! It is what it is and when I get tired of feeling run down and like crap I will get back on the horse.  So my NSV (or non scale victory) this week is that my family is still alive and my landlord will live to rent to someone else!
So on top of moving school is on it's way out and there have been what seems like end of school activities everyday from a speech contest my 9 year old won :)  to band concerts that my 15 year old was involved in so needless to say I haven't even made plans as to what I am going to do with them this summer.  Can we all say SLACKER!!!
So all in all I am supa glad that today is Friday I still have alot to do but I don't think I am doing anything tonight maybe dinner with the kids and then when they are out kick back with a glass of wine?  Who knows so thanks for sticking with me when I have been MIA. You are all the best!
Love you all mean it. :)

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