Monday, May 6, 2013

I'm BAAACCCKK!!! Did you miss me?

Hey Chicky's long time no post!!!  Well my vacation is officially over.  I am back to work today.  It was nice but I think I need a vacation from my vacation needless to say my desk is a mountain of stuff that needs to be done. 
So the rest of my vacation was good.  Thursday we ended up going to Andretti Thrill Park.  It is a Go-Cart track about 45 minutes from my house we had a great time.  Here are some pictures.
Look at this giant ASS crane machine! Ok I know they are a rip off but I just had to play it one time.

I so wanted this huge dragon!

The crew from left to right:
Darnelle, Rose (MIL), Gary (My hubs), Me, Billie Jo (SIL)

Me in the hubs.  Everything was dark and the lights were black lights.

This is one of the go carts we rode. 
They had mini bowling it was really neat.  I so want one for my house.
So we had an awesome time and the weather was perfect breezy and overcast not to hot.
So we went home and decided that after our long hot day it was happy hour.  I love bloody mary's and we all sat around and had a great time.  We played a little pool and the kids played out side and we cooked out it was pretty sweet.  Needless to say I really kinda blew my diet this week. I tried really hard and we didn't even really eat out but his mom did a lot of cooking and she is an honest to goodness southern women and they FRY everything and I tried to resist but it was just smelling too darn good. 
So on Friday morning it was time for everyone to leave we had to get up around 4am and drive them to the airport.  It was sad but can everyone here say thank goodness they are gone!!! I was so glad to get my room back and to walk around in my drawers if I wanted to!!!
So the weekend we spent doing a lot of running around taking care of things we needed to the girls spent a lot of time outside.  They got some really cool sidewalk chalk stuff look at what my 15 year old drew it was awesome!

Who doesn't love Winne the Pooh & Tigger too!
We also spent a lot of time packing and on Sunday we got to go in and measure our new house.  I am super excited. It is a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with a huge yard and an awesome back porch.
This is the master bedroom. It is huge compared to what we have now.

This is our living room.  There is a formal living and dining room in the front of the house.

The master bath has two sinks, garden tub, standup shower & a toliet closet. LOL

This is just one part of the kitchen but we love the black appliances.

This is a picture of the back porch and our back yard.
So tomorrow we start the big move we are excited but really just ready to get it done. I am also exicted because it will allow me to get rid of things I don't need anymore.
Today was Ms Zoe's first day of daycare.  It was an emotional one for me.  She is getting so big so fast and I know I have done this before with the other two but she is my baby.  She looked so cute in her new school clothes and her minnie mouse back pack.

She is so sweet! Luv her!!
So when I woke her up this morning and said it's time to get up and get ready for school she said did they open the school today just for me LOL.  So she was excited to say the least. I got there dropped her off and she said bye mom have a good day!  I smiled until I got in the car and then I let loose with the tears. It was just a really emotional thing for me LOL. 
So thanks for those that stuck with me even though I had a posting drought!!
Love you guys mean it!!


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