Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Running on Empty

Just a quick note to say that today has not been as successful as I would have hoped.  I feel as if I am running on E! I just want to get that great jump start to be successful! I know that if I every get started I will make it and I WILL succeed.  What is it about us humans that cause us to analyze doubt and say we will start tomorrow.  I need some motivation to get started exercising and we eat horribly at home I am the only one that has a weight problem so maybe that is why no one else is really worried about it. Well I am on a quest for motivation and success.  I have been googling other peoples weight loss blogs and I feel so envious of their success and what is so stupid is I just have to DO IT!!! That is it no secret pill or code or formula just do it!! So stay tuned to see if I get on the motivation wagon or if I fall flat on my face in that procrastination mud puddle!  Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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