Thursday, March 28, 2013

NSV & Bowling

Happy Thursday Yall! Part of my post today will be Non-Scale Victories Linkup with Lex & Katie and also some bowling fun with the Hubs.  First let me say the Lex & Katie really inspire me and I love reading their post check them out in the links above. 
So Non-Scale Victories hmmmm what exactly have I accomplished that is considered a Non-Scale Victory?  Well I pondered this for a while and came up with increased my will power & was able to say NO!  Ok let me elaborate.  First of all when it comes to food I little ok NO will power but this week I actually said no to this.....
and cupcakes and french fries ok so you get the picture. I didn't dwell on it either I usually get to thinking about it and wonder if there is any left and then I think screw it I am going to eat it anyways but I didn't think week which was in truth a very BIG victory for me.
The other part for me is that I have this in ability to say NO to anyone that asks me to do anything even if I don't want to.  Call it worried about what everybody thinks or call it being too nice but this week that all kinda changed.  Not to get too in depth in the story but someone who intimidates me at work asked me to take on some of her work load and I would normally say OK and just do it (BTW she is always pawning stuff off on people and we don't really ever see her do any work).  This time however I thought you know what I have bucoodles (is that a word it is to me) of stuff of my own to do and very little time to do it so I said NO! Ok I didn't yell it at her and I was polite about it but I still said NO.  So all in all I guess I did have two Non-Scale Victories this week!
Ok so on to last night.... It was bowling league night for me in the hubs.  Called the babysitter and on our way we went.  Ok so most people wouldn't think this is exciting but we really enjoy it and a lot of our friends do it plus it is kinda like a date night for us.  So... here are some pictures to give you some ideas of how our night went.
First we practice.....Gotta throw a few balls and get loosened up!
Ok we have a 5 man team and everyone puts a dollar in the pot and we play poker
(Long story short 1 card for spares 2 cards for strikes and splits best hand wins) so here is the pot that I am hoping to win and skim a few dollas off these hookers.

BTW check out my bad ass bowling shoes!!! Love em.
Hubbs wasn't happy with his ball so he plays with it until he gets it right (twss)
HMMM not sure what the bowlers were using this for?
A little bit of aiming juice as the hubs calls it (none for me though) he swears it works.
Ok this is a tardo pic of me but I took it and I swear I hadn't had any aiming juice.
Guess what I WON woohoo A's & 8's baby gets em everytime.
So all in all it wasn't a bad night I had a 530 serious which is pretty good for me.
So in close it was a good week so far and a good night at the lanes and I leave you with a picture of me in my not so awesome OOTD LOL
Wait no one told me to not but the phone in from of my face.
Love Ya Mean It!
Heather XOXO


  1. Great job saying "no!" Great NSV to share! Thanks for linking up this week :)!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my post! I really enjoy following your blog you are truly an inspirations to me. :)


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