Thursday, March 21, 2013

T.G.I.A.F - Thank Goodness It's Almost Friday (My week at a glance)

T.G.I.A.F (Thank God It’s Almost Friday)




Well it has been one hell of a week.  Work has been absolutely insane and my 2 year old Ms. Z has decided that even though she is almost 3 and has been wonderful that she is going to start the TERRIBLE 2’s!!! She has been absolutely impossible!!! Talk about headstrong she must get that from her dad because I am as calm, cool and collected as the come (wink, wink).

So anyways here is my week at a glance…….

Monday started out your typical day get up, exercise, get ready, fix lunches, get the kids ready and off the bus stop or school, drop off Ms Z at BB’s and all before 8!!! Whew!! So the hubs calls me at around 10 and says his sister that he hasn’t seen in years is here from Missouri and she wants to cook us dinner and spend a little time with us.  Well, Hell all I can think of is that my house is an absolute wreck and are there clothes on the bathroom floor?!?! Oh well what can I do? So they are there when I get home we have a pleasant enough visit and they leave about 11:00 which in turn the kids are wired and don’t want to go to bed and I am running on the big E!! So finally all is settled down and I am in bed and can’t go to sleep! UGH! So in short it was a very short night. ZZZZZZZZ
Tuesday starts off about the same way and ends up with my oldest Ms E cooking us dinner and cleaning up!! It was so nice to come home eat and just relax a little bit!!!
Wednesday starts off you got it the same way accept Wednesday night is kinda date night.  We have a babysitter for the kiddos and we go bowling.  We bowl on a league and it is really mostly just for fun but I had a GREAT night.  I don’t know if any of you know but when you bowl on a league you bowl 3 games and you bowl against another team and the highest score wins. My average is about 162.  Which isn’t bad but there are some really really good bowlers.  Long story short I ended up with a 568 series which consisted of a 203, 175 and 190 games!!! HOLLA!!! Woo Woo!!  Had a great night with the hubs and friends drank a few light beers (Bud Select 55 Cals) and then went home to tend to the kiddos.  On the way home I realize I love my time but I miss them greatly while I am away!

Our Lane Lucky Number 13 & 14!!

So today is Thursday and it really is pretty typical except when I weighed this morning I was down another pound (178) woot woot!!! So that started my day off to an excellent start!! Got half way to work (FYI I work about 20 minutes from home) and my daughter calls (Ms. E) and says I forgot my project at home and I need you to bring it to me?!?! WTH…. Which by the way I have like 15 minutes to get to work on time so there is NO way I will get home, get the project, get it to the school and then to work in 15 freaking minutes.  So needless to say my daughter is upset with me I told her I couldn’t go get her project and we had a talk about responsibility and how she needs to pay better attention! So I don’t know if that makes me a bad parent or not but that is the decision I made and hopefully it is a life lesson learned for her. 
That is it so far for the week it is about 4:20 (huh?!?! J ) and I am ready for the day to be over with so I can start my 2nd job as Mom!!

I leave you with a picture of SOCKS the Sock Monkey Love Him!! Peace Out!



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