Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend at a glance.....

Hey yall, this weekend started out pretty much the same as always.  Friday night the hubs and my dad are on a bowling league so they do the bowling thing.  My middle daughter goes to visit her dad so that just leaves Ms Z (the youngest) & Ms E (the oldest) so after Ms E solicited to every friend that she has to let her stay the night with them she finally made her way back to me and asked please, please please!!! Can I have a Sleepover?!?! After much bargaining and begging I give in.  So Friday night I had three 15 year old girls laughing at anything and everything and not knowing the meaning of quiet to be that age again and think everything and anything is funny!! So that left Ms Z and I to a night of raviolis (for her) and Salad (for me) and Dora, Blues Clues and Tangled.  I passed out early I must be getting old……. Nah just better!!
Saturday my middle daughter is on a kids bowling league so we went to that and she did pretty good check out her score! She got three in a row that is a turkey!!!  Way to go M!
She is the ME..... 
Then after bowling we decided to go to the marina and have lunch.  Don’t know if I mentioned that I live in Florida so the days are pretty awesome all year round every now and then we have what we consider cold (below 70) LOL!! So we went to the river and to a restaurant and hand an awesome lunch with my parents.  Ms Z loved it we seen a manatee and some pelicans and of course it was an absolutely gorgeous day.  Zoe didn’t want to go but she got so tired and started whining so we decided it was time to head home for hermit time.  See the pics of our lunch below.


Then on Sunday I conned my hubs into grocery shopping for me that’s right and it was AWESOME!! Holla!!  So he brought me a yummy salad for lunch and we just vegged out on the couch and watched (well I napped) the race! 
All and all it was a pleasant weekend and of course this week is spring break for the kids so that means that will be home all day and doing what they do which is makin a mess!! Anyways hope to have a more interesting week to report for you all! 
Just a note I want to say how inspired I am by all of those blogs out there that I follow.  I enjoy reading them all and they keep me wanting to blog as well. Thanks so much for allowing me to join in your journey! I hope to some day be as awesome with followers as well.
Heather xoxo

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