Friday, March 22, 2013

We finally made it!!!

Hey Yall!! We finally made it to Friday! Holla!

So today was virtually uneventful even though I had a slip up with food! Ugh it was awful. I had a long tough day at work and had to go to the store and get the essentials milk, paper towels etc. I decided that I would go by Wendy's and get the kids something and decided on a salad. Ok I know its not the best but I figured it was better than a burger and fries. So that in itself wasn't bad, but ( and you know there is always a but) my oldest Ms. E decided that her and her friends wanted to order pizza. Ok I usually can resist but when it go here it was bacon and cheese and I broke down and at a slice. It was SOOOOO GOOOD!!! But.... after I ate it I felt soooooooo BAD!!! I felt just awful and disgusting. I am so disappointed in myself and normally I would have just said F*&k it and eaten another piece. I mean I already screwed up so who cares right but I didn't I resisted. So even though it was a major cheat it was a minor victory of not stuffing my face.

So I decided that tomorrow I am starting Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fast Fix. I have been looking at it for a while and broke down and bought it. I don't know how I will do or if I will even make it through it but I am damn sure gonna try.

The rest of the weekend will probably be pretty quiet. Kids have bowling in the morning and lunch with the parents and then its hermit time at home. I love hermit time nothing to do and no where to go. It is something that I look forward too no makeup and I don't even fix my hair. So tata for now and stay tuned to see how my kick boxing goes. Peace Out!

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