Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally Freakin Friday!!

Ok chicks it is FINALLY Friday!!! Yay!!! So this is just a random post about nothing.  Yesterday was just blah gloomy and yucky and I dodged rain drops every time I went out yeserday.  I was having a hohum day and just really wasn't feeling good about anything.  Not myself at all so I was kinda in a funk when I got home and this is what greets me at the door.....

She is just so darn cute.  So this definitely brightened up my day. So then I decided that I was tired of the mousy brown hair and that I wanted to go back to being blonde, kinda like a strawberry blonde. So I am in mid color and the door bell rings and it's a friend of my husband shows up with her 3 kids and there I am in all my hair coloring glory UGH!!! So I decided WTF I will just continue on and act like this is just a normal thing.  See new color below....
Not a great picture but you get the just of it.
So needless to say it was a very late night the kids were off their routine and wired and didn't want to go to bed so I am extremely tired and I didn't get up this morning and do day 5 of the 30 day shred so that means I have to do it when I get home tonight!! Ugh I know no pain no gain right. 
So this morning I got up and decided to get on the scale and I was down a little bit which is awesome I have reached 31% of my goal...go me, go me!!!
So this weekend will probably be fairly uneventful.  I have an eye appointment and then a wedding just a small 10 people wedding that will maybe take an hour outta my day.  After that it's shred, eat sleep, shred eat get the picture!
So that goodness it is Finally Freakin Friday!!!
Love Ya Mean It....
Heather XOXO

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