Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up....

Well another fast and filled up weekend and before we know it is freakin Monday morning again!!! Didn't we just do this like 7 days ago?!?!?  So anywho it was a fairly busy but uneventful weekend. 
 So I am a notary and a friend of mine that I work with asked me if I would marry her. OK not her and I get married ok you get the just of it anyways. So the wedding is Saturday evening around like 5 at the beach.  So Friday night her, I and her finace got together over drinks and we rehersed ok maybe we rehersed drinking margarita's but we rehersed.  So once she felt comfortable with what all was happening we parted ways I told her to rest up and I would see her tomorrow night.  So I went home and was gonna clean my house and do laundry but the margarita's and my body had another idea.  I did however attempt to do day #5 of the 30 day shred.  Intoxicated exercising yes I went there.  I wasn't really drunk just feeling pretty relaxed. 
So Saturday morning I get up at the but crack of dawn I have an 8:15 eye appointment. Note to self don't plan early appointments when you will be relaxing in Margaritaville the night before.  So I make it there and the good news is my eyes are getting better the bad news is they have to order my RX and it will take like 2 weeks to get it.  Oh well I only need to see to read, drive etc.
So I get home and to my surprise my husband is cleaning!!! I thought the margaritas still have not warn off from last night I am hallucinating.  But, nope he was vacuuming and cleaning up this made Heather a very happy girl!! I asked him what he did wrong and he said nothing he just knew I would be tired and wanted to help me out!!!! AAAAAWWWWW so sweet I am such a sucker!!!
So anywho we chilled out for a few hours and then it was time to get ready for my officiant's debut!  I asked her what I should wear I don't really have many dresses or anything I am not the dressy type girl but she said something black or white and maybe summery so this is what I selected.......
I also got some awesome bling for the occasion!
So all in all it was a beautiful very small ceremony and the day turned out to be gorgeous!!

So after it was over I went back home and that is when things got really bad. I completely bombed on my diet not even sure why I was just so hungry maybe it was the sun I will blame it on the sun.  I had a burrito, a hot pocket (yeah I know uber gross right) and some M & M's peanut butter ones!! I am not even sure why I did that I felt awful and disgusting when I was done!! To top it off I didn't even freakin exercise I was so sloth like it was disgusting.  So when I woke up Sunday was still in carb and a sweets coma I decided today was going to be better I immediately did day #6 of the 30 day shred and missing one day really didn't set me back but I tell you I could tell that I missed a day.  So after that I did laundry and vegged out. 
So that was my oh so exciting weekend. I will leave you will the quote below and as I am a lover of shoes it is one I will live by!!
Love Ya Mean It!!!
Heather XOXO

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  1. That is so cool that you got to marry someone this weekend. Looks like it was a beautiful day too!


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