Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Hey my fellow bloggers!! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend.  Mine was not very eventful but we got a lot of stuff accomplished.  We are moving into a bigger house around May 11th and I am super excited but my garage was extremely full of crap that I haven't looked at in like 2 years.  So the hubs and I set out on the impossible  possible task of going thru everything and either trashing it or giving it to Goodwill.  So we got up at the butt crack of dawn and it was so fricken HOT!! I literally looked like I peed my pants and felt like I smelled really bad! After we made numerous trips to Goodwill and the dump we could finally see the bottem of our garage.  We did this most of the day Saturday.  I had all kinds of intentions of exercising but after sweating balls all day in the sauna of a garage I was like NO FREAKIN WAY!!
To top it off I was starving!! Which is not always a good thing because I tend to overeat when I am starving! I did OK not great I had a burritto and a hot pocket. Oh yeah we were grocery poor too so I was out of all my healthy stuff! Can I say that they were both the bomb diggety!! Lots of salsa to go with them!! Yummy!
Later after dinner the hubs and I had intentions of having a movie night and we picked out a few I was so excited the girls were at their dads and the little one had already passed out for the night.  Guess what.....didn't happen I couldn't have stayed awake to save my life!!! I felt bad but if someone had held a gun to my head I couldn't have stayed awake.
Sunday was laundry and grocery day!! Yay two of the things I love  hate to do the most!!  We shopped and spend way more than I wanted to and then we did laundry the rest of the day. 
I know that all sounds so very exciting to you all!!
So today is Monday and I am back on the healthy clean eating and exercise wagon!! I only have a week left on my diet bet so I have to really buckle down.  We are also having company come in on Friday and will be here a week.  It is really going to be a struggle to continue to eat good. These are people that like to FRY everything!
Do you guys have any tips on how to eat out and eat healthy or how to eat healthy when you have company?
Love Ya Mean IT.....

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