Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend Ins & Outs..........

Hey all, Well it is Monday AGAIN!! Seems like we just had one of these a week ago.  Well anyways I had a pretty busy and eventful weeked some good and some really kinda awkward things happened. 
Friday night I went home and spent my entire night cleaning ( I call this house wife aerobics) I don't usually do this and what an exciting way to spend a Friday night but it was necessary since I knew that the next two days were going to be a little crazy.
So anyways Saturday the hubs and I got up and had to do some Easter basket shopping can you say procrastination?!?!  I knew that when I went the ailses would be picked through and probably nothing I would have really like was left but what could I do.  We went to Wally World and fought all the other last minute parents shopping for Easter stuff and 5 snarls and 3 bitch slaps later we were finished. Around 3:00 we had a birthday party at a place called Funtown.  Skating, games etc.  The girls had a great time.  See pics below. 

So needless to say after 3 hours of skating and bounce housing and games we were all pooped! Ok well the adults were the kids were still wired!!! So it was like late by the time we got baths and finally down for the night. I think I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
So Sunday came and the Easter Bunny visited our house and of course we dyed eggs and hunted them and played and played.  See pictures of our festivities below.

So Sunday is moving right along the day is nice there is an awesome breeze we are chillaxin and not doing much and then my hubs gets a phone call. 
It is an EX GIRLFRIEND (Ok don't freak out this is what I am saying to myself) and she is on vacation from New York and wants to come by and see him and meet me and the girls. My immediate first reactions is HELLS NO!!! He apparently already told her to come over so I was freaking out and not really happy and I will tell you I was stressed because I started popping the kids peanut butter M&M's like nobody's business.   So anyways they get there and everyone sits down and says hi and then *crickets......*
So eventually everyone loosened up and she ended up being very nice I will tell you this is NOT how I pictured spending my Easter but all in all it wasn't too bad.  I will tell you at one point I was freaking out and so wanted to just down a few Big Macs LOL but I digress I restrained.  When she left he asked me if I was ok and I told him NOW I was but if he ever did that to me again without notice or warning or ASKING we might have a problem. 
On the weight loss note I decided the Joing DietBet with Lex and Katie.  It seems like a really cool thing and money is involved. The way it works is you join for $15 and the goal is to lose 4% of your weight in 30 days and get paid.  I thought well I want to lose weight and I love to earn money so I said what the Hell!! If you want to know more informations click here!
I am pretty excited about doing this it is new for me and I feel pretty motivated about it.  I am going to do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and that should get me going. 
I am also thinking about going back blonde what do you guys think.......
Comment below and let me know what you thinks. Thanks for reading my ramblings!!
Love Ya Mean It,
Heather XOXO


  1. She is so cute! I'm glad you had a good Easter! Also, I'm looking forward to doing the diet bet with you!

  2. Thank you so much I think so too but I am biased LOL. I am actually pretty pumped about the diet bet. I want us all to succeed!!!


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