Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday.......

 Happy Hump Day!!! Well we are half way there to the weekend.  Today I am doing Weigh-In Wednesday with Erin & Alex.  All in all it has been a decent week.  I was able to get my sweat on Monday and Tuesday after work and then I got up at 5AM (that's right it is possible to get your sweat on by yawning).  So I am pretty proud of myself this week in th exercise department.  I will say I am loving the 30 day shred and am looking forward to moving on to level 2 on Saturday.  Any of you awesome bloggers out there doing this?  Are you adding any additional stuff to this work out cardio, weights etc?

So in the weigh in department I am down to 178.2, which is about 2.4 pounds total since I started the diet bet I am considering a win since it is that TOTM! I definitely can tell a difference in my clothes and I have more energy and just have a better outlook in general.  This is amazing to me that as good as I feel right now and I haven't really lost a lot that I in the past haven't stuck to what I am doing results or not.  I have been trying to drink more water. I usually drink a lot of soda even though it is diet I know that is not good for you.  I discoverd the Walmart brand of Mio and they have some great flavors.  I prefer the Cherry Limeade & Strawberry Kiwi.  Definitely makes getting my drink on easier. 

I also decided to eat a little more protein. I have been doing protein shakes for breakfast & lunch (I am using Visalus which is the shake mix that taste like cake mix) and I am doing pretty good but I added a homemade protein bar.  It is yummy!  It is 1 Cup high protein peanut butter, 1/2 cup honey, 3 scoops of protein & 1 Cup regular plain oats.  You just melt pb & honey and then mix protein & oats and spread it out on wax paper and then refridgerate.  It is yummy it you don't have to eat a lot and it is very feeling and it tastes like a treat!!

On the home front it is report card time here and I am pretty proud momma straight A's for Melayna and A's & B's for Erica.  Also we are preparing Zoe to go to a regular daycare.  Needless to stay she has stayed with family and is getting where she doesn't understand sharing etc.  So we decided that it is time to realize she has to interact with other kids.  She will be 3 May 1st and is not potty trained I have tried everything and she is just not having it.  I am also hoping that going to daycare and seeing other kids will help this along.  She told me this morning I had to take this picture of her and post it on my puter.  LOL so I will leave you with that. 

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  1. yes increased protein is always a great thing!! and i love those great value water enhancers!! i would for sure not be able to drink all of my water without them!

  2. Great job on your exercising this week! I am doing Jillian's Ripped in 30 and it's hard but good. I'm thinking next month I might do 30 day shred. I'll look forward to hearing what you think of level 2. I was at 180 this week and want SO BADLY to get into the 170s. My body seems to resist it! It's strange. Maybe next week!! :) Also, my son will be 3 on the 16th and he's showing a tiny bit of interest in training but not much. sigh. Can't wait to be done with diapers! Have a great weekend, Stephanie


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