Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Happy Hump Day womp womp!!  So today I am linking up with Erin & Alex for Weigh In Wednesday!  Both these chicks are awesome they really inspire me if you haven't check em out!
So lets be real I really wanted to call it Wreck-It Wednesday!! The reason being is that when I stepped on the scale it was STILL the same 177.4. I wanted to bust my scale with a hammer.  Ok so I know you all are rolling your eyes saying what in the hell is she upset about?!?! It may not be a loss but it wasn't a gain either was it? And in theory that is all true but the heart of the matter is I have busted my ASSES (yes I have a big one and sometimes mistaken for multiple) exercising and have tried to stick to the diet fairly well! So this week I have vowed to stay away from the scale.  I acutally feel thinner and I feel like my clothes are looser so that is a WIW victory to me.  It will be difficult to not weigh I thought that the scale would actually motivate me but I think it actually hinders my progress. It doesn't take into account how I actually feel so I vow to not step on my scale until next Wednesday and see if that makes a difference in my overall weightloss attitude.  Let's call it weightitude we all have it the one where we are telling everyone we see about our victories or the the one where we are hiding from everyone that we know will ask about our progress.  So I have decide to own my weightitude and to not settle but we happy with the progress I have made.
So on another note tonight is date night again with the hubs! Woohoo I always look forward to us time.  Also tomorrow is my FRIDAY!! Hellz to the Yeah! I will be on vacation all next week! Stay tuned for some awesome beach and fruity drink with umbrella pictures! My little girl turns 3 next week and we are having a birthday party for her on Sunday complete with a bounce house for kids and horse shoes for us adults along with some adult beverages!
Love you Guys Mean It....


  1. you're the 2nd blogger I read today that wants to bust her scales...they can be evil can't they! Well, I say go ahead and do might shake things up!!!

  2. I was stick too, but changing things up helped me. Good luck!


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