Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday-Workout, Weightloss & Willpower!!!!

Hey-Lo Everybody! Today is Weigh-In Wednesday with Erin & Alex.   This was also day 3 of the 30 day shred. Can you say S-O-R-E!!! Anyways I will say it is a good sore it reminds me often of how I am doing something about my weight and I will say it keeps me motivated.  So this morning I decided to get up at 5:00 am that is right 5:00 am (I am not a morning person by the way) and do day 3 of the SHRED! The reason I was doing this is I have a date night with the hubs tonight and wanted to get my sweat on at least once everyday! The alarm went off and my first reaction was to hit the snooze and roll over. So I did just that then all of a sudden I realized it was now or never and if I wanted to have big thighs and a saggy ass forever then I should just lay right there so, I staggered one eye shut to the bathroom.  Splashed some water on my face and decided to brush my teeth what can I say I felt like I looked like my breath stank!  So anyways did the morning deeds and then hopped on the scale.  What did I see 179.6 so being that on Monday I was 180.8 that is a loss of 1.2 lbs woohoo awesome go me go me (while dancing around)!! Ok so I know it is not huge but to me it is and I am so extremely proud of my self for getting up and sweating it out at the but crack of dawn!
1.Log my weight loss into diet bet! CHECK!
2. Brag to husband, blog, anyone who will listen! CHECK!!
3.  Smile all the way to work! CHECK!!
So I am riding on my workout and weightloss high!! I get to work and when I am skipping up the stairs (that is right I almost fall but I was ok) as I am opening the door I smell it....sniff sniff!!! That is when I realize it is pancakes and some kind of casserole!! Ugh are you freakin kidding me!!! Ok I am hypreventalating in the hall leaning on the wall thinking my will power is NOT this strong.  Someone walks by and they kind of stare at me strangely but they keep walking.  So I make it to my office and the smell is even worse there it is on the counter right outside my door.  One of my coworkers is getting married on Saturday and they are having a breakfast wedding shower. Well thanks for the freakin heads up!!! Ok so it was nice that we were doing this but had I known I would have been a little prepared for the high fat, high carb temptation that was calling me! So I just kept repeating 1.2 pounds, 1.2 pounds........etc!!  Finally about 9:30 they cleaned it all up and guess what I survived without even licking someones spoon or crumbs off the counter!!! 
Whew.......Ok I am able to do it I will succeed!! How does Jillian (AKA the Devil) put it(while shouting) YA, feel that burn that is the fat running scared from your body!!
So now I can work the rest of my day on the high of workouts, weightloss & willpower!!
Love Ya Mean It,
Heather XOXO


  1. Awesome will power! Stick with 30DS and you will love the results! The fitness high at the end of the 30 days is amazing!

    1. Thanks!! I am already loving what I am seeing! That is why I am determined to stick with it and see more exciting results. :)

  2. Huge willpower victory there! Huge!! Great job!


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