Friday, April 12, 2013

Freakin Friday Finally!!!

Hey yall!!!  We finally made it to Friday.  It has been a week of good and bads.  I feel like I am getting closer to my girls and my husband and I have made some awesome progress in our marriage.  We have been discussing things without fighting that other wise in the past would have ended in a big blow up.  I consider those things huge successes in my life.  I was thinking as to maybe why this is and I really think it has to do with my self image.  Granted I have a looooooong way to go and a lot to accomplish but I have come a long way in the last month or so and I feel better about me. So maybe it is true that when you feel better about you self when problems or troubles arise you are able to look at them a little more calmly than if you have those things on your mind.  Plus I think that working out gives me that ME time that I need.  I don't have a lot it seems that we are ALWAYS on the go with the kids or work or whatever.  So I feel like when I am sweating it out I have to reflect wether it be on being a better mom or wife.  

On the weekend horizon we will be headed to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.  Melayna has a bowling tournament and we plan to totally do some shopping at the awesome Sawgrass Mills Mall holla!!!! I am super excited.  Spending time with my girls and maybe even an lunch at an awesome fancy smancy restaurant!  Then tomorrow night the hubs and I will be having a little us time. The rents have agreed to watch the kids and the kids are super excited. I am looking forward to a little us time we don't get that much and I know in previous posts I have complained about him but even though we have our ups and downs I love him dearly.

Also tomorrow I start Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred Holla! I have made it through the first level and I still have the desire to continue.  That is a huge accomplish for me.  It is tough for me sometimes and I am easily talked out of stuff like oh I can work out later right now I will do........what?!? So I have realized that there are NO EXCUSES!!! If you want it bad enough you will do it!!!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to those that are following my blog!!! You guys are totes AWESOME!!

I leave you with this quote!!!

Love You Mean It..........

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