Thursday, April 4, 2013

Purse Party Link UP

Happy Thursday all!!! Today I am doing a link up with Mel & Erin.  I will say I love purses almost as much as I do shoes (which is saying ALOT).  I have quite a few and most of them I will admit they are probably chosen for function instead of fashion.  What can I say I am boring LOL. 
Ok so here is a picture of my purse......
I Purchased this purse from Avon (I know everyone is thinking old lady right?) well they have a line called Mark that is for the younger hip generation I don't know if I qualify for this but what the hell I think I do and that's all that counts right?
Here is a side view I love the pockets on the side. I throw my keys, cell phone, change etc whatever I don't want sinking to the bottom of my bottomless pit of a purse.
Ok you ready for the inside........drumroll please (Ok I realized after taking the picture the contents of my purse were not really exciting but here they are)
Ok first off always, always have a pair of sunglasses.  These are from Charlotte Russe I got them on the clearance rack for $5 holla! MMMkay then I do normally wear contacts but there are occasions my allergies kick up and I can't so I have glasses which are by Vera Bradley (as you can see from the case).  The lanyard on my keys are also Vera Bradley mom of three you need your hands free.   I went through the Vera Bradley stage and my husband said that looks so old lady and maybe it does but I loved it.  Ok wallet hmmm I don't know where I bought it from probably some flea market (which I love to go to BTW)but I was afraid to open it and show you it is kinda like when your kids clean their room and they pack everything in the closet and tell you not to open the door?  That is my wallet.  Then there is gum & floss toothpick combo.  Gotta have these must have good dental hygiene. :)  Your standard make up bag (contents below), extra lip gloss, head phones (these are an extra pair I tend to misplace things), A nail kit from 31 (I love this I have a pic of it below as well) brush, comb, mirror combo.  Love this never know when you need to comb your hair or check out your teeth.
I also always carry crystal light.  I am not a big plain water drinker but I love this stuff the strawberry lemonade is my fav.
Ok inside the make up bag is contact solution, hand sanitizer, aveeno hydrocortizone (have kids never know when the need will arise), a cough drop, tampons, random hair things, lip gloss which I love my favorite and I treat it like spun gold is the Chanel lip gloss I paid $50 bucks for it and I am going to use every last drop and savor it like my life depends on it.  Also I usually try to keep an allergy pill or two. Then you can see inside the 31 nail kit. I love this never know when you need to file or clip your nails.
Ok so there you have it were you intrigued.......hmmmm yeah me neither. 
On another note today was day 4 of the 30 day shred.  I killed it at about 5:30 this morning and sweated balls as usual, but I really felt like I was into it and was pushing myself as hard as I could.  At the time it SUCKED but when it was over I felt really awesome!!
Happy Friday Eve.....Love Ya Mean It!!
Heather XOXO


  1. Haha, I totally thought mine would be more interesting too! Guess I'm not exciting as I thought!;) Love the post... thanks so much for linking up!

  2. LOVE your bag! Mark has the cutest stuff. And that Crystal Light stuff looks great, I may have to try that soon! :)

    -- Emily @

    1. Thanks I think they too I used to sell Avon so I got it at a fairly good price. The crystal light stuff is good let me know how you like it thanks for commenting and following my blog! :)

  3. I'm a mark rep. And freaked out when I opened your post from the link up because I used the same one in my post! haha.

    1. That is so cool! I just stopped selling Avon/Mark around January I loved it but with 3 kiddos and a full time job it was tough. Hope business is good if I can ever help you out give me a shout!! I love my purse!!1

  4. I used to keep Crystal Light with me everywhere when I wasn't around filtered water... luckily my new office has a great filtered water station so I don't need to cover the taste of the water as much anymore :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

    1. That is what I wish we had here but we don't the water isn't so great! Thank goodness for CL. :)

  5. I happen to think your Avon purse is pretty adorable!!


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